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"There is
a graveyard in my mouth
filled with words that
have died on my lips.

Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, ‘It might have been.’

You’ll always be my favorite what-if."


wanderlust cloud macarons (by yuehuan)


I think my inspiration is back and I can draw things again AND I AM SO HAPPYYYYYYY *A*

Maybe drawing Armin has healing abilities, who knows..

Things I miss: Shishio Satsuki's long haIR


blossom (by gingerlillytea)

君は 私の どんな とこを
好きになって くれたのとか


Happy Birthday Oh Sehun!

I’d like to insert some deep, meaningful message here about how much EXO means to me and how much I love them, Sehun in particular (with his suave and sexiness that’s actually just masking how much of a stupid kid he is inside with all his yehets and ohorats) but It’ll end up being far to cheesy so I’ll just shut up now before things get carried away. 

But I do love you Sehun-ah, so here’s this dumb drawing of you ♥


NO MATTER by masaru yamamoto on Flickr.


Thank you for your request!

 What’s right from wrong? What’s good from evil? Nobody can truly distinguish between them. Even if there was a god. Now, supposing a god and his world existed, even then I’d stop and think for myself. I’d decide for myself whether his teachings are right or wrong. I put faith in my own convictions as to what I believe is right, and consider them to be righteous." - Near


*sigh* why am i better than everyone

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